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Liberal Democrat priorities 2013: Cornwall

The last Cornwall Local Elections in 2009 gave the following result:

Conservative: 50

Liberal Democrat: 38

Independent: 32

Mebyon Kernow: 3

These were the first elections to the new 123 member Unitary Authority. Previously, the Lib Dems had run Cornwall County Council. The 2009 election resulted in a Conservative - Independent coalition.

Since 2009, as a result of by-elections and defections, the current makeup of the council is as follows:

Conservative: 48

Liberal Democrat: 37

Independent: 31

Mebyon Kernow: 6

Labour: 1

The three main groups have each lost one or two councillors, Mebyon Kernow have doubled their representation and Labour have gained a single councillor.

In May 2013, all 123 single member wards in Cornwall Council will be up for election. 

Now for Cornwall’s parliamentary representation. After the 2005 General Election, Cornwall looked like this:

After the 2010 General Election, Cornwall looked like this:

The Liberal Democrats went from having five out of five Cornwall MPs to having three out of six. Unusually, as of the 2010 General Election, all six parliament constituencies in Cornwall are Lib Dem / Con marginals where the two parties got within 10% of the vote of each other and two have majorities under 1,000 votes.

In the 2015 General Election, to be fought under present constituency boundaries, Liberal Democrats will need to defend the three Cornish seats they currently hold and also attempt to take the three Conservative-held Cornish seats. Every single Cornish voter will be crucial to both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats 2015 election effort. The only seat that Labour are likely to put much effort into is Camborne and Redruth, which voted Labour in 2001, Liberal Democrat in 2005 and Conservative in 2010.

If the Liberal Democrats can make gains from the Conservatives in the coming May 2013 Local Election and hold off threats by Labour, Mebyon Kernow and the Independent bloc, we’ll have a southwestern headstart for 2015.