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Disgraced NUS Vice President Vicki Baars runs for NUS Presidency

Vicki Baars, who as Vice President of the National Union of Students was forced to apologise for suggesting chants for an NUS demo such as  ”Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, put the Tories on the top, put the LibDems in the middle and burn the f*cking lot!” and calling for “class war” against the Government, has decided that she would make a fine President of the NUS.

I sincerely hope that no rational person votes for her. As a student Liberal Democrat, I would resent effectively being made to be a member of an organisation fronted by somebody that has used such violent, aggressive language about students.

Anecdotal evidence from the recent past suggests that there is a lot of hostility and aggression towards Liberal Democrats at NUS events (I daren’t even imagine what a Conservative student would have to put up with) and tolerance and pluralism won’t flourish with people like this running the NUS.

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