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Labour’s southern extinction

Take a look at the results of the 2010 General Election and you may notice that if you take the south of England (the southwest, southeast and east of england, excluding London which is hugely different culturally and politically), Labour aren’t too strong. In fact, they have only ten parliamentary seats. The Conservatives dominate the south with over three quarters of the seats while the Lib Dems have a presentable but not brilliant 23. There are two others: Speaker John Bercow in Buckinghamshire and Green Caroline Lucas in Brighton Pavillion. Here are the proportions:

It really is overwhelming, not just the Conservatives’ dominance but also Labour’s near wipe-out levels. I understand Labour politicians are being briefed to stop talking about the ‘north south divide’ as it serves to further alienate southern voters and it’s hard to see how Labour could win a future General Election without recovering in the south of England. This May’s county council elections could provide an interesting insight into whether that recovery is happening or not.

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